Mark Sparrough, Steadicam Operator and Director of Photography, New York City


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“Border Crossing”  Feature Film (2016) 
Steadicam Operator

“Deadbeat” Season 2, Hulu Original Series (2015)
B-Camera/Steadicam Operator
Director of Photography, Episodes 210 and 212 

“5 Flights Up” Feature Film (2015)
B-Camera Operator 

“Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter” Adult Swim/Cartoon Network Series (2015)
Steadicam Operator

“Kelly & Cal” Feature Film (2014)
B-Camera Operator 

“Two Night Stand” Feature Film (2014)
B-Camera Operator

 “Days And Nights” Feature Film (2014)
B-Camera Operator

“No Vagrancy” Short Film (In Post-Production)
Steadicam Operator

“Mount Joy” Feature Film (2014)
Director of Photography/A-Camera Operator/Steadicam

“Louie” Seasons 3 & 4, F/X Television Series (2012 & 2013)
Steadicam/Camera Operator

“Girls” Season 5, HBO Series (2014-Present)
Director of Photography on behind-the-scenes interviews

Project Runway Season 10, Bravo Television Series (2012)
Handheld Operator for various episodes

“Project Runway All-Stars Bravo Television Series (2012)
Handheld Operator for episodes of reality television show

“CBS Morning News (2012)
Steadicam Operator for White House interview with the President and First Lady
PMJ, INC Commercial (2012)
Steadicam/TechnoCrane Operator for Japanese cell phone commercial

“Future Folk” Feature Film (2011)
Steadicam Operator 

Fair Haven Pictures Music Video (2011)
Director of Photography/Steadicam Operator of music video Entitled “HOSH”

Food Network “The Kitchen,” “Re-Wrapped” and “24-Hour Restaurant Battle” (2014-Present)
Camera Operator on “The Kitchen” and “Re-Wrapped”
Steadicam/Handheld Operator for episode 4 Season 2 of “24 Hour Restaurant Battle”

iHeartRadio Concert Series (2013-Present)
Camera operator

All Mobile Video (2012-Present)
Camera Operator for various concerts

The Early Show” CBS News (2011)
Steadicam Operator for the show's town hall with President Obama

MLB Network (2011)
Steadicam Operator for numerous studio shows.

“Today” on NBC (2009)
Steadicam Operator inside the White House for “walk and talk” with the First Lady

Bloomberg News (Spring 2006-Fall 2009)
Steadicam Operator for live programming and specials; handheld and pedestal for news

“Highly Questionable” ESPN (Spring 2011)
Steadicam Operator for pilot of “Highly Questionable” with Dan Lebatard

CrossCreek Productions (2009-2011)
Steadicam Operator for National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial held annually

“Gospel Music Superfest” Unity Media (2011)
Steadicam Operator

“14 Actors Acting” New York Times Magazine (2010)
Steadicam Operator for cover story “14 Actors Acting” with Michael Douglas.

Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Jamboree Alford Media Services (2010)
Steadicam Operator       

“America's Most Wanted” (2005-2010)    
Steadicam Operator for the weekly national broadcast.  

“Critical Condition” BET Series (2009)
Steadicam Operator the BET Town Hall event.

The North Films Commercials (2008)
Steadicam Operator for international calling card commercials 

Tavis Smiley Presents (2012)
Handheld Operator for multiple concert hall events

“Redemption” Noise Productions (2010)
Director of Photography for pilot of reality series about drug addiction.

CNBC Town Hall With Obama (2010)
Handheld Operator for town hall meeting with Barack Obama hosted by John Harwood.

“Intervention”A&E Television Series (2010)
Studio camera operator for roundtable discussion on addiction

Access Hollywood (2009-2011)
Handheld Camera Operator for multiple interviews and “behind the scenes” segments

“Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Stand-Up” Starz Channel (2008)
Handheld Camera Operator for the 3rd Season of the comedy series

Yahoo! (2009)
Handheld Camera Operator for on-location entertainment and fashion coverage

“Rat Genius” National Geographic Television and Film (2006)
2nd Unit Director of Photography and Camera Operator for the documentary

“Hardball With Chris Matthews” MSNBC (2002-2007)
Camera operator 

Department of Health and Human Services (2008-2010)
Studio camera operator on Webcasts on disaster preparedness, vaccinations and other health-related issues  

Fox News Channel (2004-2010)
Pedestal camera operator for 'Fox News Sunday,' 'Special Report with Brit Hume,' 'On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,' 'The O’Reilly Factor' and 'Weekend Live.'

Mobile Video (2005-2008)                          
Field Camera Operator, lighting and audio tech for interviews and other live events. 

“National Geographic Explorer,” “National Geographic Today” and “Inside Base Camp” (2000-2005)
Dolly, pedestal, jib, and handheld camera operator for National Geographic television shows